Found Wood

Foundwood is a 100% reclaimed wood working project. We divert valuable Hawaiian grown hardwoods from the dump and create heirloom pieces for homes and living.

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Jen Homcy


Growing up, I spent my after school time with my father collecting "drift wood" lumber that regularly washed up on the beach. My father Dave was a hobby carpenter using exclusively salvaged materials & I was his shop "helper." My father was making & selling reclaimed slab cutting boards in the 70's, & for more than twenty years, with his inspiration, I have worked to refine my craft. My cutting boards & serving pieces are made exclusively from reclaimed resources found in Hawaii. Most lumber comes from trees

that have been removed for development & salvaged from the chippers of Hawaii's tree trimmers. All pieces are inspired by my papa's original designs. Using the natural shape of the scrap I maximize the useable wood while creating the most organic & functional looks & feels of my resources. Where art meets function, my pieces are solid slab, multi-purpose handmade Hawaiian found woods. Simplicity is my philosophy because I feel it allows the wood to express its history better when I minimize the process.


Foundwood Brand

My father always branded his pieces with an "H." When he passed away, I added the 'j' to keep him alive in my work.

Care for your wood

Wash with soap & water, & hang or dry in a rack. Apply mineral oil when wood looks chalky or dry. Never let boards sit in standing water or run them through the dishwasher & enjoy a lifetime of use!

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Noelani Studios

Haleiwa Farmers Market

Kailua Farmers Market (First and Second Sunday)

Owens & Co

The Water Shed @ Turtle Bay Resort

Kai Botique Kailua

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(808) 375-7460