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Handcrafted Works of Art

- Cutting Boards -
- Furniture & Home Goods -
- Installations -

Exceptionally Designed
Sustainably Focused

Natural & Beautiful

I always say “the wood is my boss.” All designs are based on a few primary factors:


  • Maximize the use of the materials & minimize waste.

  • Allow the wood to speak for itself.

  • Create functional pieces with natural aesthetics. 

  • Highlight the history of the life of the tree through the use of inlays.

  • Create an heirloom piece that will endure the test of time.

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About Us

       In a rapidly changing environment, where not only development but restoration is happening concurrently, trees are often in the cross hairs. By working with both arborists & conservation managers, we are able to divert those logs from the waste stream & mill them up into 100% locally sourced lumber. We do not participate in deforestation, & in turn we give back to reforestation programs in a variety of ways through donation of services, goods, and dollars.



   “Every time I see the selection of cutting boards from Foundwood I always fall in love with a new piece. Each board is a work of art that tells a story and offers a lifetime of function in the home kitchen. I’ve bought more boards than I can count because a new one always speaks to me. Foundwood cutting boards are my go to gift for just about any occasion. They are unique, locally sourced, locally made, and hand crafted. Thank you so much Foundwood for continuing this lovely art and expanding your skills to furniture and beyond." furniture and beyond."

- Jess Rohr Forage

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